Internet Connectivity for Eight-bits

There have been several tcp-ip stacks (or partial stacks) appear that are usable on at least some 8-bit systems. There is my original ICE demo that supports PPP (with PAP authentication) and IP including enough ICMP to send/recieve pings and some primitive TCP to attempt to pull down a web page and display source. I have not found time to work on it in a while but will hopefully get back to working on something similiar soon. Some other ones are also available and all are listed below.

Real 8-bit Atari Internet Projects:

1. Get a shell account and use an 8-bit terminal program to access internet service via your provider. Flickerterm and ICE-T are two good 80 column terminal programs. Caveats: You must find an ISP that offers shell accounts. This is probably the only currently complete option.

2. ICE - My unfinished attempt. Pulls down html from a preset web page (my atari page). Supports PPP over a normal atari R: device. Should work with most ISPs if they support PAP Authentication (or manual login).

3. uIP - very promising. Written in C and needs a minimum of 4K when compiled with CC65. Demo web-server for Commodore 64 has been demonstrated. Caveats: Only uses SLIP currently so typically will be a slave to another computer of some sort but it does talk TCP IP over SLIP.

4. lwIP - A lightweight TCP/IP stack (in C I belive) but probably too big currently to be practical on an 8-bit Atari.

5. LUnix - Essentialy an OS for the Commodore 64 than can do TCP/IP and PPP or SLIP. No Atari port that I know of.

6. APE - APE for Windows running on a PC can act as telnet proxy to the internet, allowing a real Atari to be able to telnet to a machine that can let it use other internet services...or offer services such as a telnetable BBS.

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